Friday, September 29, 2006


So we did go to the baptism which turned out to be a great party. Lots of food were all over the place. A bottle of Chivas and some sort of Vodka that looked like Grey Goose (it wasn't)were also on each table. The party was done by a family of Armenians who live here in Vegas but I guess most of their relatives are in LA (Glendale), so that is where the party was.

We left on Saturday night after I got out of work. We got into Pasadena a little after 10:30PM, stayed at the Sheraton, a bit old but still comfortable.
Next day we hang out with the kids in Old Town Pasadena. Still a great place to walk around, but the restaurants are a bit more snobby and slow. Take Mi Piace for instance. Used to be a great place for a quick easy breakfast, now it is a pain. We sat for close to half an hour without anyone coming to our table. The place was packed, but it also looked like they had enough servers. Some were at time just hanging out. Finally a waitress, perhaps felt sorry for us or played the old trick of, "Nobody's been with you!!???. Let my find out who's got your station and I will let them know."
I guess she never did, because she came back to take our order, which was better than anybody else. We finally got our food, still good and hot as we ordered it.
So in a nut shell. Mi Piace, good for food, but slow service.
If I was a food writer, I would give them a "C". The party on the other hand was definitely an "A+".. Too bad we had to drive back that same night. Well Melissa drove, so the credit goes to her..

And now tomorrow....... Kevin's wedding! More to come.

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Chloe said...

you have been having non stop fun :)