Monday, May 15, 2006


So, it finally happened.
National Guard on Mexico-US Border
Bush is going to supposedly announce that the National Guard from Border States is going to go and assist the border patrol in their quest to control the borders of the US and Mexico. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION:

The presence of armed military men/women is going to be the only way to decrease the entry into the US (from Mexico) by undocumented immigrants. The same should be done along the border with Canada.
The mere presence of armed military forces along the border is going to create friction between people who live close to the border on both sides. There was a shooting of a young kid (American) by a group of military folk a few years ago, who were "assisting" the border patrol then. They thought that he was a drug smuggler, since he had a small shooting rifle on his back. He was actually herding a bunch of goats close to the border and close to the town that he lived in.
The presence of the military will have a positive effect on the entry of "mules", or people carrying drugs into the US through the border. Undocumented entries will continue, albeit in smaller numbers. People will still risk getting caught and returned. Petty drug smugglers however, will not want to risk getting shot or imprisoned for some quick dollars.
The challenge will be in making sure that the members of the National Guard can distinguish between a mule and a simple migrant. Problem is, they look the same. Perhaps some of the people who already served in Iraq can be called back and placed on the border with Mexico, they already have the experience of dealing with stressful situations and can keep their cool and not be too quick to get into a shoot out. Unless of course it is necessary if and confronted by Armed drug smugglers.
Aside from what the President of Mexico says about the placement of the military on the border, this is an issue that had to be addressed by the US Government. Bush may be doing it to placate the conservative forces opposed to his stance on immigration and many groups from the left will decry the militarization of the border, but it is a necessary step. Once that step is taken, then some kind of amnesty for current undocumented immigrants must follow and only after they have satisfied a set of requirements imposed by the government.
Many other countries have the military guard their borders, why not the US?

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