Thursday, May 11, 2006


What is the meaning of mother's day?
Yes, to recognize and appreciate your mom and any and all moms. Happy mothers' day to you all.
Of course that was yesterday in Mexico. It will be mothers' day here on Sunday. A Bolivian friend told me that in Bolivia they celebrate in on May 27.
SO, why the difference in dates?..
Is it the same in Europe? Asia?
I wish my mom was here so I could wish her a happy mother's day.
I am sure she has a few happy days in her life. I make her cry when I talk to her. Are they tears of sadness?, happiness?
I don't know.

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Chloe said...

it's the same in europe but in britain i think it's in march.
your mum certainly cries tears of happiness when she talks to you. She knows you are okay, that you enjoy things, that you are a wonderful dad. That's why. She is proud of you.