Monday, May 01, 2006


"Illegal Aliens-Fail to shut down US"--CNN
Listening to the news shows this afternoon, you'd think that the marchs and protests today were geared towards, "crippling the economy", or "shutting down America."
I don't think there is anything that can accomplish that, short of war, as we saw back in 09-11. So a country wide march or protest will not ever accomplish that.

That is not the goal. The goal is to send a message to the leadership of this country to consider granting some sort of amnesty to undocumented aliens, or illegal, however you want to refer to them. Sure there were calls for not attending school and not going to work. When you are counting on the hours that you put in to work to pay for bills, rent etc, it can be a bit hard to skip work. There are ways of getting out of work by requesting the day off, or ask for vacation days, but if they are not granted, you can risk getting "counseled" or even fired. So, to those who missed a day of work, I salute you. To those who couldn't, try and support in one way or another.
I still believe that in the long run, the marches will have their desired effect and in some way or another, there will be legislation that will help many people without documents attain them or at least not make them criminals just for lack of documents.
What happens after today?..
Hard to tell, I am sure that there will be more, though not as wide spread or as high in numbers as today.

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Chloe said...

i went to this social forum in athens today, a sort of festival about human rights and there was a poster that read
"No human life is illegal" and it rings so true to me.