Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Triplets Are 3 - Sofia the 3rd Birthday.

The day was full of magical numbers.  There were 3 babies on the 13 all turning 3. It was a great day that was planned mostly by mom, actually all of it. The original idea was to have a Birthday BBQ at a local park but the day, though beautiful seemed a bit windy. We checked out the park at about 10:40
 and we made he decision to move the party back to the house. This meant we had two hours to clean up as fast as we could and get the house ready for the party.
It turned out great. Best decision since later in the day it got windy with some sprinkling. I think we also had a few more people than we expected, even though it was supposed to be all family. 
Now comes the trip to Disneyland.

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