Friday, October 11, 2013

The Intensity of My Dreams

I believe I've posted before about the intensity of my dreams. Recently the topic of being confined to an asylum came back.
This time it happened while I was a kid in an environment similar to a school, or institutional setting. As dreams happen, I just found myself there with many more kids, as dream progressed, there were some scenes with very violent tones, which I happened to be a spectator and not a participant. (much too gross and explicit for my audience) There was an instance when I encouraged and let another kid escape through an open door. Why I did not try to escape or run away was beyond me. I was not afraid or fearful of my situation, that is perhaps why I did not try to run away.
My punishment for letting someone go was to receive another 1000 plus more days in this place. I calculated in my dreams that it was about 4 years.
Remember this is still a dream and the weight of such a length of time in this same place made me realize that I was not in a happy place.
You would have thought I would wake up at this time or that the dog would whine about being let out. Maybe even have all three babies cry at the same time for a fresh bottle of milk.
Instead the dream continued. Now I was an adult, about 18 perhaps.
In this sequence a girl and I were moved to a different building within the same complex with a huge courtyard where many couples were holding on to each other in many poses while naked. Being here made me hopeful of my future since this was the place everyone went to before being released. There was an open door off to the side which I closed as fast as I could since I did not want to be blamed for it being open. I sure did not want another 1000 plus days for nothing. At this point I finally woke up.
Am I going to end up in a mental hospital?

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