Saturday, December 03, 2011

Random Thoughts on the state of our country, our world and Herman Cain

What a year this has been. At the end of last year, both Cecilia and Charlie were still at the hospital with Charlie not getting out till February. Then home with brand new babies, a whole new experience all together.
It's been a crazy ride and it gets even crazier. Have you been following politics lately?
Our current crop of candidates (Republican) are a complete mess. At this point it is their contest to lose. Obama is a lame duck who doesn't even remember if he is a Democrat or still a Senator from Illinois, maybe right now he actually wishes he was from Indonesia and not a US Citizen,(sorry birthers).
It is unfortunate that our first black president was saddled with such challenges as the wars and the economic crash, all brought on by previous administrations (read-Bush)
It reminds me of the time I was in 5th Grade at boarding school. On a weekend when I decided to stay at school rather than go home, a few kids were playing with marbles close to the swimming pool and one of them (marble) went into the water. I was close enough to them where the teacher who was "babysitting" us thought that I had tossed the marble in the water.
As the marble slowly rolled towards the diving pool, he "asked" me to go and retrieve it. I did not know how to swim at the time and sure enough, clothes shoes, and all, he made me jump into the diving pool (from the middle diving board) to "retrieve" the marble.
I came close to drowning that two of his good swimmers had to go in and help me out of the water.
Obama is in almost the same situation. Someone else tossed in two wars and a mess into wall street, he comes along wanting to be the president with only 4 years in which to fix it all and ends up almost drowning. Right now he is just coasting to re-election thanks to the bunch of crazies on the Republican side.
Once Romney gets his shit together, he might be the only one viable enough candidate to beat Obama, unless some skeleton in a dark closet appears (quite possible).
Bachman will never be the first woman president.
Cain will never be the second black president or ever be a president at all. he might have had a better chance if he was a democrat. Democrats forgive indiscretions, Republicans pounce on them if they are Democrats, otherwise they squirm and make no comments until they are ready to resign.
I started this post days before Cain decided to "suspend" his candidacy.
Here's whats next for him.
Divorce from his wife. Continue running for some office unless. He is probably going to expect to be nominated as secretary of state for whomever wins the Presidency. (Fat chance)

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