Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another Thanksgiving to celebrate. Pies are cooked, veggies are clean chopped and prepped. Turkeys have been defrosting for the last couple of days. Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention that the babies finally slept all night long. Catherine whined and cried for a little bit, which woke me up at 4:00 AM. I prepared her a bottle, which is still sitting by her crib, let the dog out and I was not able to go back to sleep. So here I am. Facing another Thanksgiving holiday. We have always celebrated Thanksgiving in San Francisco at Bill and Debbie's. The last couple of years it's changed because of work schedule (mine) and the arrival of the triplets. This year we made the decision that we would start our own tradition and have Thanksgiving diner at home. We invited Melissa's parents and my brother Max and his family will be here as well. There is much to be thankfull for. To begin with, I am thankfull that our babies are healthy. Catherine is walking and talking while Cecilia and Charlie are not far behind. olivia and Anthony are turning into little adults. Soon they will graduate into full blown teenagers. They are great kids with much promise and have the support and love of their extended family. I am thankfull for that. Melissa and I have had some challenging days brought on by the pressure of raising triplets. It is not easy to stay home and day in and day out deal with three very active babies though she has stuck to her routine and schedule with them which has made it somewhat easier on her. We try and make time for each other and that is where it gets rough. My schedule at work continues to be crazy with the long weekends so by the time Saturday arrives, I am useless at home and i'm not myslef till Monday rolls around. I am thankfull I still have a job in a town and industry that has been hit hard by the economic situation, where people's hours and salaries have been cut jsut in order to keep a pay check coming. There is also much to gripe about but today is not the day. I am thankfull for the friends in my life that have remained constant and for those who left good memories of past Thanksgivings. Now, to enjoy some good food and great company.

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