Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's very rare for someone to say, "I was there" when something historical occurs. Last night was one of those nights.
Though I was not in Chicago awaiting the news (which we already predicted), I feel I was also part of history.
Now the hard uphill climb begins for Obama. Though he received a majority of votes in the country, there are plenty of unhappy, dissatisfied people who call themselves "Americans" who will make that climb hard and dangerous. What they believe in is not what America is all about. They will seek to destabilize the country, they will put up road blocks to minimize and undermine the actions that Obama needs to do to get the country back into prominence.
There will also be plenty of people expecting that now that a "minority" candidate got elected, that Mana will fall from the sky and all we have to do is open our palms.
Bad news for this fringe for nothing will come easy.
We can only hope that the new President will take steps necessary to get our country out of the pit it's in.
4 years should be enough to see what he's made of, though not enough to turn everything around. For that, he will need 4 more years.
And the campaign for that begins today as well.

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