Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I caved in and ended up getting an iPhone over a blackberry. I could have gotten a blackberry for free but, the selling point was the combo of an i-pod and a phone. You can also add more memory to a blackberry and still get he same effect. If I hadn't busted my i-pod, then I probably would have gotten the blackberry - despite the fact that its email property is useless since I cannot hook it up to our company's email server, thus not able to receive work email instantly on my phone. I know it is possible to set up a forwarding mode through outlook, but the company "politely" asked everyone to turn the feature off.

I am already having issues though. I just bought it and it already has an update to its software - to repair bugs and other connecting issue that iPhone's been having. Then again, I had some issues with the TMobile server as well. Will I stay a convert and recommend it to everyone?. Maybe I have 2 years to decide.


Meow (aka Connie) said...

I know a few people that have one of these, and they love-love-love it. I'm thinking some of the things are differently configured here in Australia, but it looks like an amazing contraption.
My iPod is still healthy, and my cell phone is still like nw (a Blackjack ... similar to a blackberry) ... so for the time being, I'll not be getting one. Give me a year or so ... then I want one !!
Enjoy your new toy ...
take care, Meow

Gnightgirl said...

AHEM. My Bloglines has not been updating your posts. Well, several people's posts, but you were one that I've been waiting and waiting to write...and writing all along.

I don't have the iPhone, but I was recently begifted the iTouch, and I don't know if I could live without it now. Having Internet access almost everywhere I go is pretty sweet to a geek like me.

(My city has a city-wide internet access, downtown.I also couldn't live somewhere where this isn't a fact...I was SHOCKED to find out last year that Vegas--great big vegas!-- didn't have what my small city did!