Friday, June 06, 2008


Where is the time going and how much more is there of it.

Kids are out of school though ours have been out since last weekend. They are scheduled to return today from California and boy do I have a surprise for them!
This past Monday I adopted a dog from the local animal shelter, actually through a friend from work who "fosters" animals then helps with their adoption. She had been telling me about the dogs since she got a family of 6 puppies and their mom to take care of. By the time I picked up my puppy, she only had 1 more to adopt out. The mom (A Chow) was picked up the same day I picked up mine and Julie (friend from work) got to keep the last one. Not even Melissa knew about the dog. I had told her that I had a meeting at work (which I did) and I would go by her office after my meeting. I had planned on getting the dog that same day, which I did not tell her until I showed up at her office with the dog in tow.
We decided to name it Kipper, he seems to be of a Chow and lab mix.
He has a very gentle disposition though he is big and is only going to get bigger. He is already the size of Lulu.

Work has been just crazy with lots of drama to go around which I really don't want to get into cause it will just bore you or make you sigh at the familiar work events, sometimes I feel like I am in a bad episode of The Office.
In a few days I finally will be taking some well deserved time off and Melissa and I are planning to have a great time, then in August, work is slow so we are closing for about 12 days. At that time I am probably going to be enjoying some more time off, luckily the kids are out of school still.
I hope summer will be good for all of you.


tiffannysketchbook said...

This is an adorable dog. Look at that face!!!

Adriana said...

Gracias que buen consejo eh??;)

Coco said...

he is such a cutie!!
my little boli would LOVE him!!

my nose is better...
it's sinus : (

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