Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After a grueling campaign against the other Democrat, Senator Clinton, and after a series of Superdelegate switching their votes back and forth for a few days, Senator Obama was finally declared the righteous representative for the Democratic ticket. On the other side of the political spectrum, McCain and fellow republicans were salivating at the prospect of running against an "unknown" candidate.

The following question was posed to Senator Obama after his official nomination.

American Electorate: Senator, now that you've won the nomination for your party, what are you going to do next?

Obama: I am going to Disneyland!

American Electorate: Wrong answer Senator.

The answer is, You are going into every house that you ever lived in, every hotel that you ever stayed at, every tape of your kids and or family that you recorded.
You are also going to dig into every taped box that you have in storage, go through every old school record, make copies of every prescription given by a doctor or other and make everything public, beginning today.

Why you ask?.

Because these are the things that the Republican machinery and their unofficial "associates" are going to do and they will dig and dig for every morsel of information that will give you a bad name.
Imagine a bombshell, say a girl"friend" in the past or a night spent at a "friend's" house due to some issues at home. How would it read to the American electorate?.

"I should have known he was lying and covering up, maybe I should have voted for Hillary"

That is how it is going to read.
I hope you were paying attention during the trial and impeachment of Bill Clinton, because that is what you are going up against.
Reverend Wright and his "sermons" will look like small potatoes once the Republicans find a juicy tidbit about you or someone even close to you.
Did you ever have a housekeeper? did they have papers?
Who mows your lawn?, who washes your car?

SO, do you still want to go to Disneyland?


Chloe said...

what you are describing is scary. Politics so aggressive that degrade the individual and democracy are scary. And the need to be perfect, without a shadow in your past, is also terrifying. Who does a perfect president represent?

Coco said...

si asi lo pones...
pues i guess i'll stay home and clean up.

que estes bien...
abrazos y bendiciones