Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santa Run- Guinness World Record?

Last Saturday I dressed up in a Santa outfit and joined about 7500 other Santas in Downtown Vegas. We set out to break a world record of gathering Santas, I believe previous record held by the city of London. Not sure if we broke the record yet. I checked Guinness website and did not find anything.
After the gathering, there was a 5K run through the streets of Downtown Vegas. It was quite a spectacle to see that many "Running Santas". SO I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Gnightgirl said...

Hey, cool, we were just on Fremont Street 3 weeks ago. We're gearing up for a "Santa Rampage" in our downtown this weekend. I doubt we'll have THAT kind of turnout, and the goal is to have a beverage or two, NOT to run 5K. I'll post pix of ours too!

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Where did they find that many santa suits?!

CiscoKid said...

The power of "Made in China". Of course there was red lint all over our clothes and cars..... But now I have an outfit for Christmas morning!