Thursday, December 27, 2007


The first thing that came to my mind after hearing of Bhutto's assassination was that the current "president" was behind the assassination.
That was a quick, "lets blame someone mentality" which is so easy to do.
However, when you look at the political situation in Pakistan, Lebanon or any other country where an authoritarian leader faces opposition from more liberal or pro-democracy movements, those who end up getting assassinated are the ones who pursue an agenda of freedom and democracy.
Everyone is expressing "shock and condemnation" now, as if they hadn't seen it coming. Perhaps Bhutto saw it coming as well and like sheep to the slaughter house, she returned to Pakistan after being in exile.
Soon enough they will capture some low ranking militant from some extremist group, blame them and hang them for everyone to see and that will be the end of the story. Our current administration will continue to send millions of dollars to Pakistan and it will be as if nothing happened.
Who will be next and where?


Ms. Marie said...

I remember watching a news cast when she had went back to Pakistan after the exile and she said that she was not surprised, remember there was an assassination attempt before also and she was not surprised or even a little worried. She just stated how she wanted to go back to her country.
Atleast that is what I remember of the story.

Cathy said...

so very sad;
I hope you had a Merry Christmas,