Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today (Wednesday) I checked my baggage in at curbside for my flight to Las Vegas. Spirit wants you to “pre-check” your baggage on line for half the price otherwise it is $10.00 per bag. Of course both times that I tried to do this on the flight here and now back, the online system was down, so it would not let you check anything in.
At least on the way here, the baggage handlers honored my print out about the system being down and only charged me $5.00 per bag.
Today however, as soon as I approached the baggage handler in Detroit, he instructed me that to check my bags in, “they charged $2.00 per bag cash (in addition to what Spirit charged) and that they also “worked” for tips.
So it cost me $25.00 for checking my bags in at curbside. Granted, I will get this money returned to me as a business expense.
The baggage handler an unshaven fat bastard got an attitude because I only gave him a dollar tip.
As I see it, they are ripping people off, without their management’s knowledge, by asking people for $2.00 per bag (cash) at curbside.
Aside from this going into my blog, it will also go as an email to customer service at Spirit Airlines.

At least I am on my way home.

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