Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes, it is going to be a very busy weekend here in Las Vegas.
Lady Liberty(New York Casino) and the Golden Lion(MGM Grand) are sporting East and West Conference T-shirts respectively to welcome fans into town.
There are so many events happening around the big Big Game on Sunday; private parties at the major night clubs, charity events hosted by the "Wives of the NBA" and much more that is happening at Mandalay Bay and The Palms.
The Palms owners (The Maloof Brothers) are also the owners of The Sacramento Kings. They were a major force behind getting the NBA to come to Las Vegas. The NBA's previous stance on gambling, which was never to allow a basketball team (pro) in a gambling town has recently softened and now there is talk that maybe the town will get its own NBA team.
It won't be easy, we have such a transient crowd and I am note sure that the average Joe is going to be shelling out hundreds of dollars a night to take a family to see the game, unless the tickets are being "comped" by the hotel or casino.
Also, who is going to build an arena, big and flashy enough for a an NBA team? I doubt the State or local tax payers will foot the bill.
Until then, we'll just watch from the sidelines and think of a name.
Las Vegas.....(Any suggestions?

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