Saturday, February 24, 2007


I got this via Chica Regia,

35 reasons why it would be wonderful if women were men:

1. You have the same attitude all month long.
2. Mechanics do not rip you off.
3. You don't have to carry around a bag full of crap.
4. You don't get ripped off at the salon.
5. You don't give a shit whether anyone notices your new hair cut.
6. In a job interview, your a.. "body" is not a factor
7. When your work is "reviewed", you don't think, "everyone is out to get you".
8. No one from work can make you cry, because whoever pisses you off, you just kick their ass.
9. Your underwear is only 10.00 for a pack of 3.
10. 3 pairs of shoes is more than enough.
11. The wedding arrangements will take care of themselves.
12. Wedding dress, $3,000.00. Rented tux $100.00
13. You can forget a date or screw up and flowers fix everything.
14. You can sit with your legs open while you fart without care.
15. you can go to the rest room alone.
16. Lines at the restrooms are short by 80%.
17. You don't have to "go to the next gas station" because, "this one is too dirty"
18. You can admire Bruce Willis without starving to look like him.
19. Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, Bradd Pitt and everyone else do not exist in your universe, besides they are ass holes and you don't give a shit about them
20. You don't have to clean your place each time someone comes over.
21. You know 20 ways of opening a beer.
22. You can fix everything with the phrase, "Fuck it"
23. You don't care about your friend's sex lives.
24. You can visit a friend without bringing a present.
25. Phone conversations with your friends last less than 60 seconds.
26. If you don't call a friend when you said you would, he's not going to tell your friends that "you've changed"
27. You can watch TV for hours without saying a word without thinking "Is he mad at me?"
28. If someone forgets to invite you to an event, you are still friends.
29. If you arrive at a party and someone is wearing the same sweater as you, you think it's cool.
30. If you are 34 and single, your friends don't care, they even congratulate you.
31. To your old friends, they don't care whether you've gained or lost weight.
32. You don't give a shit if one of your friends is talking behind your back.
33. You don't have to settle for the last bits of dessert from everyone else.
34. you can scratch your balls at any time of the day.
35. If it's hot, you can unbutton your shirt without care.


Ms. Marie said...

YOU...are not funny my friend.

You are in for it now...


~M :)

vikkitikkitavi said...

I already do about half those things, and the other half I don't care about.

CiscoKid said...

M... I amy not be funny, but it is a funny commentary of "girlish" behaviour.

V... I have to fess up that I have more than 3 pairs of shoes the rest as you say, is inconsequential.