Thursday, January 18, 2007


The snow never materialized but it was very cold for a good two weeks straight. Winter weather is coming back to normal here in Vegas.
More news.
My mom went back to Mexico last week. It was good having her visit since this was the longest she's been out of Mexico. At least she's back to her own home and her own things. Unfortunately, my little brother, who lives with her, made a mess of things while she was here. I'm sure she'll take care of him.
Everyone knows that no matter where you go or how comfortable and pampered you are, you can't wait to get home to your own things. I noticed she was getting anxious to leave. She was at my brother's throughout her stay and she was getting annoyed at some of the happenings there (Mother in Law-Daughter in Law issues). Then again, if she had stayed with me, she would have found something to have an opinion about.
She says she'll come back. Probably to visit for a week or two, rather than the six months that she was here. I'll be looking forward to her coming back maybe this time she'll stay with us.
Anthony will be turning 8 Next week.
Olivia and Melissa are going to see High School Musical.
and me?.
Work, work and work.

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