Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So, Bush is going to announce that he needs 20,000 more troops to go to Iraq and finally "suppress" the insurgency and lend support to the Iraqi government in their efforts to put down the "insurgency."
He is also going to ask for more funds to spend on infrastructure to create more jobs for Iraqis, thus reducing the number or those joining the insurgents.

Isn't this what should have happened the moment we went into Iraq?.
Why 3 years later with "more of the same" attitudes. "throw more soldiers and money into the problem and that should take care of it".
It's too bad that The president still does not have a realistic plan for Iraq. I don't think anybody has a real idea as to what to do with the War there. I am aware that we cannot just pull all our troops out of there all at once, but to continue on the same path is to continue with the same problems.
Why are we not pursuing or pressuring other Mid-East neighboring countries to help find a solution?
Inevitably I believe, that is what is going to happen. It is a regional problem that involves all surrounding countries. The Saudis have already experienced terrorist attacks, Lebanon is a shaky "democracy", Egypt has also had acts of terrorism on its soil. So if they want to stop them from happening as much as we in the U.S. do, then they need to be involved in the solution to bring an end to the conflict, not just in Iraq, but all throughout the region.

My own humble opinion.

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