Monday, October 23, 2006


Elections are upon us and TV ads are all over the place that is hard to pinpoint who's running for what or what they stand for from one day to the next. Just today I received a "Employee Voter's Guide" from my employer. You would have thought they send you a straightforward guide with no biases. However, after reading through a few pages, I noticed boxes next to some candidates already checked. This was the "employer's recomendations". Granted, all recomendations were from both major parties. Though I disagree with this type of guides, If I am a business with thousands of employees, that would be the most direct way of affecting an election to my favor. Another advantage to the employer, is not only the passiveness of average voters, but also the diverse pool of employees. Most of these new citizens have never voted in their own countries. So, now they find a guide in their mail box that tells them exactly the way to vote.
Hopefully these new voters will read through the fine print and vote according to their beliefs. There is much at stake, as with any election, but this is the only way to send a message to the Bush administration that it's time to re-think and put an end to the Iraq fiasco. Does it matter that this implies to vote along and with Democratic candidates?. Not if you put your own self interests ahead of everyone else's, much like companies do when they send pre-checked "voter guides"
Happy Voting!

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Ms. Marie said...

It makes me feel better that you are an even more informed individual than most and that the pamphlet will have no effect on you. However, I do think that for others who do not pay attention to issues in this state and country as well as the candidates and what they stand for their vote will be wasted. That is sad.