Saturday, August 26, 2006


While we are discussing tips and since it seems to be a hot topic lately; Waiter Rant,LV Review Journal, I must discuss it further.
When and who do you tip?

I only tip in restaurants and at the car wash. That is it.
Oh yeah, my hairdresser. Yes I have one. Also the pizza delivery guy.(Even though there is already a "delivery fee" added to the check by the pizza place)So, I break my own rule and tip a few other people. In a nutshell as long as you are provided good service regardless of the setting or place, it should be a good gesture to tip.
The problem is when certain places or jobs expect a tip.
Example-The drive through window at Starbucks. WTF!
Isn't it enough that you are paying out your eyes for hot dirty water?. OK I am a hypocrite, I indulge in Chai Tea Lattes.
Fast food places are also some where you are "supposed" to leave a tip. I don't. Why?....
There isn't much that is provided in service or quality. IT IS FAST FOOD!
Yes, the people working there don't make that much hourly, so I am supposed to subsidize their wages?...Yeah, once they split the tips for the day, they get about $5.00 a day..
Oh well.
There's the door bell...
UPS Guy.
Do I tip him?


Ms. Marie said... agree. However, wasn't I the one that told you about the Starbucks window, since you never take me I have to take myself!!! J/K. XOxoX


MizGrace said...

Right on! I haven't quite figured out the coffee-shop tip thang either! How is it any different from any other fast food place, where you stand in line, order your drink/sandwich, carry it to your own table, and then bus the thing after?! I'm waiting for Arby's and McDs(never eat there) to start putting tip jars out.

Meow said...

Thank goodness tipping is not something we do much here in Australia. Maybe only at a better class restaurant, or a hotel, but otherwise not. Makes life much simpler. I guess they probably put up the prices to compensate, though !!
Take care, Meow

adriana said...

Yo solo dejo tips en los restaurates, pero hasta ahi nada mas, y la pregunta de que cuando empeze a sentar cabeza???
MMMM creo hace como 6 aƱos

Econo-Girl said...
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Econo-Girl said...
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Econo-Girl said...

Tip at Starbucks? No way! And forget MacDonalds, too. Unless I am sitting down and ordering from a waitress, the only tip I'll leave is: buy low, sell high.