Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our local paper, The Review Journal, reports that the Wynn (As it is known in town, because it is owned by Steve Wynn) is going to "split" the tips that dealers make. The split is going to include "Supervisors and or Pit Bosses."
Historically, all tips that dealers (those people dealing cards, shuffling dice, standing at tables waiting to empty your pockets, etc) earned for a day, are divided evenly amongst all dealers working that day. SO everyone gets an equal amount each day, regardless of the shift worked or the game worked. At the Wynn, according to the paper, this can amount up to 100K per year.
Of course because the supervisors or floor managers do not make that much in "salary," the hotel/casino management is attempting to make it more "appealing" to dealers, to move up to supervisory and managerial positions.
I think the casino management is just being cheap.
By dipping into the pooled tips to give to supervisors, they are avoiding having to raise salaries and or wages for managers. Since the dealers are not represented by a Union organization, Read More, the hotel can do whatever it wants, short of taking all their tips away.
Now when you talk about food servers or other position where they are not making 100K a year, that is a different story and I will let you in on that on my next post.

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