Monday, April 17, 2006


There is a strong message on Easter Sunday that doesn't have anything to do with Bunnies or Easter eggs.

It is an uplifting message of hope and new life out of death. Whether you are religious or not, you cannot help but to listen and reflect. I guess the message is stronger after you suffer some form of tragedy, distress or life altering event.
I make it a point to attend at least a couple of services throughout the year; Christmas, Easter and whenever Olivia is singing in the choir. Of course there are plenty of excuses, not reasons, not to attend. My main one is that I like to sleep in on Sundays, have pancakes and just enjoy the morning. I used to go every Sunday to church back in Mexico, now it is here and there, particularly when Olivia wants to go. She is there a lot more frequently than I am so, I suppose I should make some kind of personal commitment with God about being a regular attendee at one of our churches.
It isn't being with churchgoers, or what the preacher, priest, pastor may say. It is the message I get out of it and the connection I make with my own self or god. Is it a matter of age?
I stopped going in my mid-twenties and as I grow older, I feel the need to have a closer connection with God.
What do you do?
What do you think?


Yamell said...

I think it is a question of age. I have found the same thing going on in my life. As I get older I do want a stronger connection with God. I believe I'm a spiritual person but want something that validates it, something that makes me feel good. I get that feeling out of attending mass.

Your daughter is beautiful, I know the past hurts (previous post) but you should be proud of yourself and Barb would be proud of you too for being a great father and role model to your daughter.

You're blessed in every sense of the word.

Chloe said...

I like the new look!

For me Easter is hope. I am not very religious, but that's what it has come to mean to me. The only time i really liked being in a church during Easter (here in Greece Easter is a very important holiday, maybe more so than Christmas)was a couple of years ago when we visited a monastery. No lights, just candles and a womens' choir. It was lovely and i actually prayed, I don't know to whom though.