Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogs Lost-Lives Lost

How many times have you found yourslef typing away for a longtime, only to find out that you pressed the wrong button and "Poof" ther eit goes, you are staring a t a blank screen.

Yes, it just happened to me. I had just gone on and on about the current istuation in Florida withe Schiavo case, the death of Polly Gonzalez here in Las Vegas and my own tragedy that I was part of 5 years ago.
Anyways, the point was that no matter what everyone does or says, Life will go on.
Polly Gonzalez-a news anchor for CBS- Channel 8, was drinving along with her two daughters (WHo survived the accident) to "Death Valley" to see the re-birth of the dessert along . A dessert full of blooming flowers. Due to abundant rain in the last three months throughout the Southwest, there is a lot of greenery all around. People have come from all parts of the country to study and observe the flowers.
By some sort of careless driving or just faith, she encountered death.
Going back to the point I was making, Next year or two years from now, we will all have forgotten about the Schiavos, the Gonzalez and many others and will just move on.
It is just part of nature.

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