Thursday, August 08, 2019

Welcome to 2019

It's been about a year and just by reading my last post, exactly about a year ago, not much has changed.
Government is a mess with another shutdown. Only silver lining is that the democrats took back the house of representatives, while the senate remained in Republican hands. Our government has been divided before but never like this where everyone, including the electorate are constantly attacking each other. It's hard to remain silent and most everyone has something to say, mostly through social media. 
What has happened in the last year?
My wife's dad passed away after a short period of being in bed he had been battling with diabetes and much like my mom and my dad, the disease won out against them. We will for sure miss him. 
The triplets are now in second grade. Charlie and Catherine are enrolled in Gymnastics three times during the week while Cecilia is involved in Ballet twice a week. Our life as parents is really busy with school, extra curricular activities, school activities and birthdays in addition to full schedule at work.
Olivia and Anthony are busy with their own lives as mini adults. Olivia decided to return home after being in Reno for two school calendar years. She is now enrolled at UNLV full time. Anthony is also going to school part time while working a full time job in construction. He is learning a lot about the business. This is good.
Last year in February was the anniversary of my mom's death. I ended up going to Oaxaca during those days. Got to see some of my sisters during my time in San Miguel.
I also got to go in the last part of the year after Christmas. This was definitely a time to relax and unwind, without any worries. Only bad part of trip was me getting sick. 3 days of Montezuma's revenge was not fun.
No trips to Disneyland this past year. We decided to have the girls' birthday at home this time with their school friends and family, the usual crowd.
There was a Lopez family reunion (My mom's side of the family) in LA. That turned out to be a good weekend getaway with all the family.
In between the busyness of our lives we also managed to go camping. Cedar Breaks in Utah was a great location, though we found out that Catherine gets altitude sickness. 
Overall it was a good year for all of us.
I sure hope I can keep up with this Blog a lot more often than I have in the last few years. 
Gotta come back and upload pictures to this post.

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