Thursday, March 07, 2013

The plot thickens

So our Food and beverage director is leaving our hotel and it turns out that he is not the only one. I just found out that another one of our managers is also leaving which just makes it a little more interesting because now, aside from needing a VP of food and beverage and perhaps a food and beverage director, the only people left are; the director of restaurants and 6 other managers, including me. Sounds like enough mangers, but it really isn't, when you consider that besides a full casino floor with bars and lounges, we have 3 restaurants, 2 of which I manage, one a full service 24 hour service restaurant a room service department, a Starbucks and a food court.
Ideally, the 24 hour restaurant should have 3 managers, the room service should have 2 and the two remaining fine dining rooms, should have 3 managers total.
The casino bar areas also should be a 3 manager team to cover all shifts and 7 days, with the help of an overnight manager to oversee all areas.
That's 11 managers, not including directors.
Yes. We are missing 5 managers.
Will we get them all? No. We'll just be stretched all over and work all shifts and at all restaurants.
That is until the new VP arrives and presents a plan for the new F&B team at The New Tropicana.
Work just got more interesting.

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