Sunday, July 10, 2011

"You Must Have Your Hands Full"

No matter who they are: family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, they all say the same thing when we mention we have triplets.
"You must have your hands full"
I'm definitely beginning to hate the phrase. Then it is followed by "Are you getting any sleep"?
Quite observant people, I Think to myself. Indeed, I am not getting enough sleep. Working weekends at the club prepared me for my now irregular sleeping pattern. Late into bed; waiting for Cecilia to wake up at 1:00AM before she goes down for the rest of the night, then an hour later to have Charlie wake up 'cause she is hungry. After she goes down, then if I am lucky, Catherine will sleep till 7:00AM, otherwise, 5:30 it is. So it is 1 hour of sleep, then 3, then up for the rest of the day 'till work beckons. Sometimes I can sneak a short nap before getting ready for work.
No i don/t have my hands full. If anyone has her hands full is my wife. In addition to caring for the babies, she has to contend with our teens along with the household duties that she has to deal with. She has more than full hands.
Throw in all the emotional feelings of abandonment each time I go to work, the dissapontment of having those close to her not be as helpful as they made it out to be and you have a very unhappy person. Yes, she has her hands full and when people point it out, it is rather annoying.

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