Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its midnight.
Catherine has been wake since about eight at night and with each hour that passes, I hope she goes to sleep so I can put her in her bed.
There is only so many news channels or Great Discovery Channel shows you can watch before you are just completely tired and yet, she is still awake.
Every now and the she lets out a whimper which is bound to become a cry for food.
After eating (Do they eat at this age?) about two ounces of formula and a slight burp, she pretends that she is asleep.
Finally I can put her down so I can also go to sleep.
Wrong. As soon as I put her down she wakes up.
There goes another ounce of formula.
By now it is two o'clock and we both feel asleep. Me with a crooked neck and her over my chest.
I get up and take her to her room. Gently place her in her bed waiting for a loud cry but she only lets out a small cry. I wait by her crib in case she wakes up crying but this time I got lucky. It is now about two thirty as I climb into bed.
Melissa stirs into bed not knowing that in about three hours it will be her turn to change diapers, get a bottle ready with formula and start her day.
Hopefully I can sleep till about ten in the morning but also knowing that by eight, I will be up.
And this is only with one baby. Wait till the other two come home (Perhaps Sunday)

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