Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have been a fan of some of the survivor shows and seen probably 2 of them in their entirety. The one I remember watching was Micronesia I believe where Parvati won it against former Survivor winners.

Yes, that Parvati, the conniving, bitch who would do anything to win. At least that was the impression I got from watching the show.
That was not the impression I got when I met her at our restaurant. She stopped in with some friends after being out at the pool. Of course they did not have a reservation (On a concert night- with a full restaurant). That wasn't the worse of it, one of the guys did not have a shirt,so of course they could not come in and eat. As they were standing outside the restaurant attempting to get a table, I noticed one of them and she looked very familiar. her was wet from being at the pool and I though it was probably one of our employees (Cocktail server or something similar). Her smile was what gave her away as familiar. She noticed me and asked me if they could get a table in the restaurant to which I asked if they had inquired with the hostess at the door. Of course they had and received a negative answer which I confirmed again. As we continued on idle conversation, I asked her where I had seen or met her. The answer came not from her, but from her friend. She asked if I had seen any of the survivor shows. After saying yes, she asked if I remember Parvati. That was enough for me to place her face. Indeed it was the "Parvati" from Survivor.

I ended up giving them a table after I gave the other guy a shirt to put on. Sometimes when you are a celebrity, even if it is from a reality show, you can get a table at a completely booked restaurant (As long as you are not a bitch).

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