Wednesday, March 18, 2009


AIG is getting bailed out and their top people still got their bonuses. Maybe when the company I work for declares bankruptcy, I'll get my bonus which I did not get this year and perhaps even a fat raise. I consider myself a "key" employee and thus should receive a few thousands dollars of tax payer money. I am not asking for 1 million or more, just a few thousand.
Yeah Right!
The company I work for, though private like AIG, will not affect the national economy if it goes bankrupt. It will also not receive a bail out from the Fed or even our state government. Imagine the uproar if we were to receive money from Uncle Sam so we can continue to build and run our gambling palaces like before. That might not be such a good idea, imagine the return on the government's investment (last year one of the big companies in town racked up 1.B in profit, just in the third quarter, though this year it was not as lucky.
I think it's wrong to bail out all these companies out of the troubles they placed themselves in. This did not happen overnight and someone should have seen this coming. Obama is not the reason this country is delving into socialism. You can't even call it socialism because we have yet to see medical care socialized. Should it be called selected socialism?
I can understand that many people may suffer if one of these "biggies" go down. the big question is, how many are already suffering because of the economic instability, myself included. Should I sell the house and save for what may come? or stay in it and wait for what may come without any savings to account for?.
Right now we just are sitting ducks waiting for the guns to fire.

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