Monday, December 01, 2008


So it comes again.
December, Christmas and everything in between. Football Games (NFL). End of the College football season, College basketball defining who will be going to the "Big Dance" in March. Obviously I'm a sucker for college sports.
Oh yeah, Christmas.
What are you wishing for?.
It used to be very simple. you bought a few little things for your brothers, sisters or parents. A set of socks, perfume, a box of chocolates, a pretty sweater and you would also get something similar in return. You would also visit a friend's house and partake of whatever food or beverages they had to offer.
Indeed, very simple. You were able to "smell" Christmas in the air. The smell came from the boiling of fruit for "ponche" (hot fruit punch). It also came from the burning powder of fireworks - small tiny ones that you would light from the side of a box of matches and throw into the sky. There are lots where you could buy Christmas Trees, this must be universal around the world. The trees of course had their own smell, so all these assorted smells mixed in and that to me, that was the smell of "Christmas".
Of course that was also a long time ago in Mexico, prior to my move to the States.
My wish is to get a whiff of the Christmas smell.
What's your wish?

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Ms. Marie said...

The smell of Christmas to me is smelling a neighborhood that has wood burning fireplaces...that is the one smell I will always love. When I was younger and walked outside to play with my friends or just to climb the tree outside. It would be cold and crisp and you would just smell those fireplaces. Then to walk into a warm house and smell the tree and warmth. It's just a comforting smell to me and I don't get to experience that where we's a shame.