Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's the economy stupid!

It's the economy stupid

That was the slogan in 1991 when Clinton was running against George Bush senior. That should be the slogan that Obama should be running against McCain. If you have not felt the rumblings of a spiraling economy, consider yourself lucky. I know it's been around for the last couple of years. However, it finally hit home.

Things began to go south a few months ago when there was a series of layoffs in town. The layoffs have continued from casino to casino and now, "big" construction projects that you never thought they would stop, have come to a halt because of lack of financing. I am talking about billion dollar projects I have never been afraid to lose my job until now. restaurants are closing, some are reducing hours of operation and some are doing everything to attract and keep customers who are looking to save every Penney they can.
There are people who are still making a good living, but they are just as nervous. As nervous as I am.
I can only hope that our place continues to do somewhat better than our competition. Actually, my job is to make sure that we continue to do better than the competition but it is so hard when you do not feel appreciated by your upper management.
I like what I do and I would like to do it somewhere else but in the current economic situation, it would be stupid to try and change right now.
I'll just have to ride it out and as I am fond of saying, "Go with the flow." Whatever happens is going to happen, no matter what you do.
You just have to do everything better than the next person.
I wish Clinton was here to tell me, "I feel your pain"


Ms. Marie said...

Uh, I feel your pain! :)


Adriana said...

Me too...

Coco said...

i, three, feel your pain...
hopefully, you and your family will NOT experience losing your job.