Monday, February 18, 2008


Chloe wrote something about a friend who she had and through time, she lost and did not see till years later.

I have a friend whom I am losing touch with. It is a matter of distance and indiference. Last time we spoke was when I was in Detroit. I gave her a call to say hello, left her a message and we have not spoken since. Ever since I left L.A. and moved to Vegas, we'd talk a few times, but it was always I who initiated the call. She never caaled me. her rule that it was always "guys" who must call the girls. friends or other. She left L.A. and moved to Vermont, so really the "distance" excuse is really mute and with LA as close to Vegas, we could have been in touch a lot more often.
I have been OK with her rule with regards to our friendship but I refuse to call anymore. There could be a lot of reasons why she has not called, illness, busy with work or what not, but I know it does not take an act of congress to pick up a phone and call your best friend. I am guilty of that as well but that is another story with regards to my own family.
But getting back to Chloe's point.
At what point do we make the concious decision/choice to not call someone?. Or does it happen gradually and we become lazy and just decide not to call. We've known each other now for about 20 years. Hopefully one of these days she'll call or I will call her.I would not want to conciously give up on our friendship, maybe that's just the nature of it.


Meow (aka Connie) said...

It's strange, and quite sad, isn't it, when friendships become so distant. It has happened to me, for no particular reason ... just time, life changes, distance, whatever. I always feel, though, that the person is always there, somewhere, if I need to talk to them, and hope they feel the same way.
Anyway, hope all is well in your world. Sorry I haven't dropped by for ages.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Ms. Marie said...

I know what you are talking about and I have told you the story of Jenny and I, the exact same thing has happened. I would call and call and she wouldn't call back. I finally just threw her address away and decided not to call any longer. I think that since you two have been friends for such a long time that you shouldn't totally lose hope, but I don't agree with the guys calling girls first thing. I call my BF all the time and he does the same. The phone works both ways, so there is no reason for her not to call, unless like you said things are busy, but still, when was it bad to send a text?

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

I know that often I think about calling a friend when it isn't a convenient time (middle of the night, grocery shopping, putting River to sleep) and I just don't remember later. Then it seems like "wow, we haven't spoken in so long, will it be awkward?" And I'd need an excuse for being such a bad friend. Sometimes the guilt keeps me from getting in touch.

You should reach out to her and tell you how you feel. I bet she misses you.