Friday, November 23, 2007


It takes longer and longer to get back and blog. Has it lost some of its allure?. Is it becoming just another chore like cleaning or other that you just don't feel like doing?..
There is plenty to say about things happening all around.
Yet, I just don't seem like I want to get on the computer every morning, like I used to and rush to read someone else's blog.
From time to time I still will get on the computer and read some, leave some comments but not blog anything.
Today is the exception. There is so much to talk about:

Weather: (Cold finally arrived here in Vegas-40 degrees this morning)
Work: (No GM for us yet, so I am still running the show, perhaps that is why I do not blog as much--Too busy!)
Love life: (Melissa and I still going at it, settling into a routine perhaps---Gotta change that)
Politics: Everyone is turning on Bush, including those who were closest to him. Is Clinton or Obama the answer to this country's problems..... Not quite sure. On the one hand it is time that we elect, or at least consider a woman for the presidency, but just because it is Hillary Clinton, again. I am not so sure.
Kids: (I can't believe how big and tall they are getting. In a couple of years, they will be as tall if not taller than me.)
I am so ready for a long vacation....
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, even though it may be one day late.
I am thankful for all the good stuff that happened over the last year and for my little family.
As far as all the bad stuff, what bad stuff! It's all in the past.

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Ms. Marie said...

Bored after 7 years huh? Uh oh...I knew that this was coming...:( lol
sorry for being boring. I'll change that right now. :)