Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love Affair

Not the kind that you're thinking of.

I began my love affair with computers back in 94-95. This was during college where if you did not have your own computer, you had to rely on the computer lab at school and hope that it was not full when you got there to type your final paper, prior to turning it in two hours later.

Way back in 1990, i had already been introduced to and playing with the old game of "Where is Carmen San Diego" in the old 5" discs, remember the big square ones? No graphics there, only the black screen with green letters. a few squares, rectangles and funky green graphics to stare at.

So I bought an Macintosh Performa. The kind that has the monitor and the hard rive integrated in one unit. It came with only 80 megs of memory, which at that time was enough for writing college papers and other minimal stuff. The great thing about the computer then, it came with a free connection to the school's Internet portal. The old BOL, or Bruin On Line. Of course at hat time the basic connection was with a phone line, which would disconnect each time a call came through (you could also disable call waiting).

Now in the garage

That is when I was truly introduced to the Internet. Apart from researching for school and other stuff, I began surfing for mundane information. Eventually I signed up with AOL. Then came all the chat rooms, pop ups, profiles, then yahoo and the rest is history.

My second computer was a Presario Laptop, which I still use form time to time. On my desk sits a Sony Vaio, which hold most of my music, pictures and work files.

My favorite toy though is my Dell Inspiron, which I use mostly for work. If there is one aspect of the Internet that I could have lived without, it had to be AOL.

Now computers are so much more common and mundane that they are like house phones ten years ago. Everyone had one in their rooms.

Kids are so adept to using them and they see them as something that has always been there, along with the TV and cable box.

The love affair is still going strong, though it is not like at the begining, when every waking moment was spent on the computer....

That is a good thing.


Yummerson said...

Yes now that time can be spent walking Melissa to the door in the buff.

CiscoKid said...


Ms. Marie said...

Ha ha! It's only happened once though, he's too chicken to do it all the time :( , he's on the computer more that walking around naked. :( lol


Meow (aka Connie) said...

I think I got my first computer around 1992 ... looking back at it, wow what a dinosaur it was. I have only had one other computer (besides the NEC laptop I use now) since ... that one ran Windows 95, and I was still using it up until about 3 1/2 years ago.
I love computers. Rarely a day goes by when I don't use one, if only to check emails !!
Take care, Meow

Martha said...

Fijate que a mi tambien me toco la epoca de las computadoras que usaban disquetes de 5 1/4", era muy chistoso porque en esa epoca yo estaba estudiando la preparatoria y los discos se dañaban con cualquier cosa (incluso con el calor), y como nosotros eramos la primera generacion de "Programacion" nos enseñaban a diseñar programas de 5000 lineas para que hicieran una cosita tan simple, las computadoras como tu las describes tenian la pantalla negra y las letras verdes (monitor monocromatico)

Las macs las empece a usar cuando comence a trabajar en la agencia de publicidad y yo trabaje hasta hace un par de años con una G3 lentisima, pero muy buena maquinita, todo mundo la odiaba por lenta, pero salio bien aguantadora.

Ahorita tengo una mac mini que ha aguantado la carrilla que le doy y en casa tengo una pc algo viejita, pero tambien no se "raja" y mi sueño dorado es comprarme una laptop... Ojala se me haga pronto.

Pero si, coincido contigo en que uno se enamora de las computadoras.